Hollywood of the East

Are there movie studios in Devens Massachusetts?

Did you know that New England Studios is located here in Devens? Movies filmed in Devens Massachusetts and the surrounding area have turned out to be some big hits. Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart and The Rock as well as The Equalizer 2 have found themselves here creating cinema magic.

Multiple hit series from Netflix and Hulu have been filmed here on Devens and the surrounding area. Have you seen Castle Rock or how about the Netflix series The Society? Those and many more series and movies are filled here in Devens each year.

New England Studios offers a large complex of soundstages and outdoor spaces on its campus of over 15 acres.  Occasionally you can wander around the surrounding towns or some of the wooded areas here in Devens and watch a scene get filmed. Just recently the local Ayer motel and a restaurant nearby were closed to the public as they filmed a few scenes for a new series and a film.

One local favorite that only aired for one season and was canceled during the pandemic was The Society on Netflix. They shut down the main street in Ayer, the next town over, and filmed one night after converting the old pharmacy into a hardware store for their scene. Check out this video one local resident took.

Movies Studios In Devens Massachusetts

Movies & TV Shows Filmed Around Devens

While some movies are shot just on the sound stage many of them venture out to find their perfect locations and it is usually multiple spots throughout an area. Some even shoot in multiple states.

For example, Hocus Pocus 2 was filmed mostly in Rhode Island but is listed on the New England Studios website as a recent production so I bet they filmed something there. Here is a pretty good list of movies filmed in the general area of Devens.

Boston is also a big movie hub these days as well as Worcester and other towns in Massachusetts. Check out the MA Film Office list of movies Made In Massachusetts. I bet you will find some of your favorite shows and movies filmed right here in the area.

New England Studios list the below movies and series as filmed in part or whole here in the area and on their sound stages.

Perhaps one of the biggest named movies to come out of Massachusetts is Jaws.  The blockbuster hit of 1975, Jaws was filmed in Martha’s Vineyard down in Cape Cod Massachusetts.

There have been plenty of other big box office movie and TV show hits filmed in the state and not just in the Devens Massachusetts area.

  • The Proposal – Manchester-By-The-Sea & Boston
  • Joy – Boston, Wilmington & North Reading
  • The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) – Boston
  • The Judge – Worcester, Sunderland & Shelburne Falls
  • The Departed – Boston
  • The Social Network – Phillips & Milton Academy Prep Schools in Cambridge
  • Fever Pitch – Boston and the famous Fenway Park Baseball Stadium
  • The Fighter – Lowell

And the list can go on and on. One series that has been recently spotted in the next town over is Madame Web which is part of the Marvel superhero genre and is set to be released in 2024.

New England Studios, the movie studios in Devens Massachusetts make themselves and all their offerings available to all the big named studios and lots of the streaming platforms such as Amazon & Netflix.

So the next time you fall in love with a movie just think it may have been filmed closer than you think.

Here is a list from the MA Film Office for made-in-Massachusetts movies and series.